About The Program

The REV+ALL Sustainability Transformation Program is designed to help you understand the key dimensions of sustainability and how to apply them to your organization.

Sustainability Transformation Full Course

This offering includes:

  • 8 Course Modules
  • A Course Workbook with exercises to help you deepen your understanding of the course material and begin applying it to your organization
  • Our Sustainability ROADMAP where you will plan and prioritize your sustainability initiatives
  • An Action Assessment Tool to help you track your progress and measure your impact
  • 2 Live Sessions with the REV+ALL team
  • A Sustainability Coaching Session with one of our industry experts to help you put your ROADMAP into action
  • A Year’s Membership to our Sustainability Transformation Community

Sustainability Transformation Mini Courses

For those who want a shorter experience of our Sustainability Transformation program, we have created two Mini Courses. Each includes 2 modules from the Full Course and the corresponding Course Exercises.

Mini Sustainability Transformation Course | Waste

Modules include:

  • Preparing for Sustainability Transformation
  • How to Reduce Waste

Mini Sustainability Transformation Course | Energy

Modules include:

  • Preparing for Sustainability Transformation
  • Energy Savings for your Organization

This Program is Designed for You

The REV+ALL Sustainability Transformation program is designed to support all types of businesses and organizations:

  • For-profit businesses
  • Non-profits
  • Public agencies

See What’s in the Sustainability Transformation Course

Preparing for Sustainability Transformation

This is the beginning of your journey to Sustainability Transformation. This module is an introduction to the process that will help you connect your actions with your organization’s core purpose, risks, and opportunities for the future as you improve the climate and community and ensure your organization’s long-term success. You will develop new understandings and capabilities to provide your organization and yourself with a solid strategic grounding as you continue to advance in your journey.

Capture Sustainable Value & Stakeholder Mapping

Sustainability empowers you to visualize and manage change. This module helps you develop your Sustainable Value lens and map your stakeholders, two of the key tools you will need to be successful in Sustainability Transformation.

Success in Making Change

Many aspects of organizations may need to change to some degree as they become more and more successful in sustainability. This module offers wisdom about common steps and stumbles made on this journey, and includes practical insight about managing organizational strategy, culture and values, processes & procedures, leadership, training and others.

How to Reduce Waste

Knowing how to reduce waste is often referred to as the “doorway to practical sustainability” because it is an area that offers great benefit to organizations and can add significantly to your sustainable value. This module is a deep dive into practical ways to reduce your waste.

Energy Savings for your Organization

In this module you’ll explore lots of low-cost ways to reduce your energy use; you’ll learn about successful ways to change behavior to reduce your energy costs; and you’ll gain knowledge of incentives and programs available to you to that will help you reach your energy goals and plan for what’s next.

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy is an emerging set of new ways to do business, build partnerships and conserve natural resources all at the same time. This module explores what is occurring in this important development in Europe, how we’re developing our own version in the US, and what opportunities may exist for your organization to join this trend.

Employee Health & Wellness

In most organizations’ employees are the “backbone” of sustainability progress and real success only comes when they are engaged in the effort. This module explores the benefits of high employee satisfaction to sustainable value and identifies many successful and creative employee wellness strategies (psychological, mental, financial, and emotional) for you to consider for your organization.

Climate Equity

Climate equity represents a new set of practices that are being embedded into organizations in response to the need for just and positive set of solutions as climate change advances and solutions are sought. This module provides a thought-provoking yet pragmatic journey into this topic that becomes increasingly important as we shape our response to climate change and the social impacts that are being exacerbated because of it.

The REV+ALL Sustainability Transformation Community

All participants in the Full Course will receive a year of FREE membership for a year in our Sustainability Transformation Community. Membership benefits include:

  • Access to a Community Forum where members can interact with other past program participants and the REV+ALL team
  • Additional new educational Modules
  • A community Newsletter with sustainability news, insights from the REV+ALL team, and additional resources
  • Occasional Webinars with REV+ALL and Other Industry Leaders: and
  • On-Demand Coaching for an additional fee


Q. How much is the Course/Program?

The Course costs $950 for an individual participant, with group pricing for multiple participants and discounts available for non-profits and very small businesses. The Program includes one-year FREE membership in the REV+ALL Community.

REV+ALL also offers a Free Preview and Mini-Courses that cost $50 each.

Q. How much time does the Course take / What is the time commitment?

Expect to spend approximately:

  • One hour reviewing each online Module.
  • 30 minutes per Module completing reflections, exercises in your Workbook and responding to Community Forum prompts
  • One hour each for each of two live sessions
  • 30 minutes in your Sustainability Coaching Session
  • Up to four hours working on your Sustainability ROADMAP

…for a range of 1.5 to 3 hours per week for 8 weeks for a total of up to 24 hours. You can review the online modules at your own pace; however, we recommend following the weekly cadence to stay connected to your peers and allow time for you to do your work and engage with your team at work.

Q. What is included in the REV+ALL Sustainability Transformation Course?

The REV+ALL Sustainability Transformation Course includes:

  • 8 online Modules, including
    - A Workbook (PDF)
    - A Sustainability Transformation ROADMAP (PDF)
    - A Sustainability Initiatives Spreadsheet (EXCEL)
  • 2 one-hour Live Zoom Sessions
  • 1 30-minute Sustainability Coaching Session
  • A Community Forum
  • A one-year Membership in the REV+ALL Community

Q. What will I have at the end of the Course?

By completing the Course, you will have developed the framework of your Sustainability Transformation ROADMAP and some concrete ideas for sustainability initiatives to implement. This ROADMAP is a useful tool for gaining management and staff buy-in, growing your team, telling your story and pursuing valuable opportunities.

Effective sustainability initiatives help you reduce wasted resources of all kinds, lower your greenhouse gas emissions, save money, attract great employees, acquire new customers, and participate in building the sustainable, climate-resilient future we all need. This work is indeed a journey. The REV+ALL Membership program is designed to support your continuing journey, especially as you begin to implement sustainability initiatives. You will also deepen your network and community of like-minded people and organizations who are also on this journey.

Q. Is the Course completely virtual?

Yes. Currently, the Course is a mix of online lessons, Community Forum discussions, and live Zoom sessions where you can interact in real time with our team.

Q. Why do we take the Course with other people?

REV+ALL knows the power of peer learning and support. No matter where you and your peers are on your individual Sustainability Transformation Journeys, you all bring good questions, innovative ideas & insight, experience, relevant stories, and resources to the group.

How long will I have access to the Course and materials?

For as long as your course is still offered by REV+ALL, you will have lifetime access to the online portion of the course.


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